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"Which one is the most important between trust, hope and love? Loyalty."
- Wi Mae-Ri, Mary Stayed Out All night
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There’s someone who keeps coming into my sight. I keep noticing whatever she does. I’m curious as to wherever she goes. When that person smiles, I feel at ease. When that person is sad, I get worried. I want to go and make her laugh. I fall asleep thinking about that person, and when I open my eyes in the morning, she’s the first person I think of. That person is you.. It’s you, Ae Ra.

"Jinhee, you should look for someone you like now. Someone that will really make your heart thump."

«Who am I?»
«Who am I?»

I missed you. (x)


REPLY 1994

Sottotitoli in italiano - episodio 12 QUI